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20+ Best Elementor Addons for WordPress 2020

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Best Elementor Addons to Build WordPress Sites

Ever since its introduction in 2016, Elementor has completely taken over the WordPress industry. Its 1 Million Active Users speak volume for itself. If you are not familiar with it, let us give you a brief on it.

Elementor is the WordPress Page Builder plugin which offers users a unique web designing experience. Anyone can just Drag & Drop cool elements and create an amazing website in just a few minutes. No coding knowledge is required anymore!

In addition, Elementor Page Builder provides Ready-Made Templates for users to instantly apply on the website & get started. It gives you the freedom to personalize all the features with its styling capability. Therefore, you are able to show off your creativity and come up with your own unique ideas.

Thanks to Elementor, you don’t have to worry about hiring developers anymore as you can do it yourself without any prior programming experience or knowledge.

Why You Might Want to Use Elementor Addons?

It’s never easy to satisfy everyone’s requirements to the fullest. So, despite Elementor offering 80+ Fantastic Elements, it is very possible that you may want something even more advanced & unique. This is exactly why third-party developers have decided to expand the Elementor functionalities & develop their own Elementor Addons.

Right now, there are 131 Elementor addons available in the marketplace. So, you definitely have tons of options to choose from and start using the right extension for your website.

These addons give you the opportunity to strengthen your website design with its amazing features & layouts. Besides, you can create a special vibe by using the Elementor extensions.

By the end of this article, you will no longer be in a doubt on where to get started with the Elementor Extensions. Because we are going to discuss the best addons you need to have a look at to enhance your page building experience with ease.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

Before looking for an alternative solution, you should definitely give Elementor Pro a shot. Despite the free version offering 29 basic elements, the premium one will enrich the numbers even by a large scale. For instance, it offers more advanced widgets such as Posts, WooCommerce, Forms, Social Media & many more.

Elementor Pro offers Theme Builder flexibility to help you easily design your themes as well. This outstanding feature gives you the capability to make changes to your Header, Footer, WooCommerce, Blogs & all the other Dynamic pages which aren’t possible through the basic version.

Moreover, you can instantly build a landing page using its huge collection of ready-made Templates. You can then personalize it as per your preference quite easily. On top of that, if you are into coding, then you can even add custom CSS from the Elementor dashboard itself. As a result, you are able to check all the changes you have made in real time.

To save your time, Elementor Pro comes with the ‘Global Widget’ feature. Just save a template & you will be able to use this in any of your future pages through the ‘Drag & Drop’ capability.

Basically, to capitalize the absolute best from the Elementor Page Builder, you must use its Premium version.

2. Stratum

Stratum – Elementor Widgets

You may think as if Elementor addon collections are always large with 50+ elements packed in one product. In reality, with a little research, you can find less popular and not so large yet very feature-rich products like Stratum.

The biggest perk about Stratum Elementor extras is its affordability and free access to advanced widgets. In other words, it’s a freemium collection that lets users try any of its 20 widgets at no cost, while only a few functionality for each widget remains premium. Even with a free version, you can use the most essential and demanded widgets, such as Advanced Slider, Advanced Google Maps, Advanced Posts, Instagram, Advanced Accordion, and more.

And the creators of Stratum made an emphasis on affordability combined with quality rather than on quality. All 20+ widgets are highly-customizable and easy to work with, both beginners and proficient users enjoy working with this powerful addon. 6 Stratum widgets are analogs to paid Elementor Pro widgets, while some of them work as alternative widgets from the Basic collection but with extended functionality. A major advantage of such modules is the ability to inherit visual styling of your current theme.

Also, the addon provides the advanced design toolchain for each widget, and supports the Elementor template library integration. And for more features and support you can upgrade to a Stratum Pro plan.

3. The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons for Elementor

When it comes to Elementor addons you likely won’t find one with more options than The Plus. Packed with over 8,000+ customizations it’s an all-in-one extension for the popular page builder.

This plugin is an easy way to build and customize your Elementor powered site fast. The Plus Addons includes more than 300+ UI blocks to really speed up the creation process. And they’re really though of just about everything. Quickly add icon box grids, pricing tables, hero sections, feature lists, map sections, forms and more. These blocks have been designed and styled for you, so you can simply add in your content. Or us the built-in options to further customize colors, backgrounds, icons and more.

Curious as to what else is included? 50+ unique widgets (tables, charts, info box, countdown, headings, animated text, flipbox, timeline, parallax, Google maps, tabs, etc.), a powerful listings builder, SEO and translation ready code (use the POT file to translate) – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The plugin also includes top notch support and you can even purchase an extended license if you’re a developer who wants to use The Plus on all of your clients sites (and why wouldn’t you?).

As a bonus, there is also a Plus Addons Lite you can grab for free from WordPress.org. Think of it as a trial for the premium version. With 20+ widgets and 4 custom post types it’s a great way to test The Plus Addons before you upgrade.

4. Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons for Elementor

With Master Addons for Elementor you can design modern layouts for your website. This free plugin adds more than 30+ new blocks for you to build with. And should you want even more, there is a premium version with additional blocks,

Use the Master Addons animated headlines, news ticker, image galleries and blog to build your own trendy news or magazine style site. Combine the team members modules (including a slider), progress bars and timeline to show off your staff’s abilities or accomplishments. Or use the image hovers, hotspots, flip boxes, tooltips and creative links to design an online portfolio for your work. There are also blocks for dual headings, tabs, info box, call to action, creative buttons, changelog, business hours, table of contents, and pricing tables.

Plus Master Addons add custom form elements for compatible plugins such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WP Forms, Caldera Forms and weForms. And Master Addons also adds extensions for particles, animated gradient or slider backgrounds for Elementor sections. All of the Master Addons blocks come wth customizable options so you can design your site exactly how you want it. And as a bonus the developer even includes 11 themes you can use to style your site!

5. Dynamic Content for Elementor

Dynamic Content for Elementor

Save time when designing your site with Elementor and streamline your workflow with Dynamic Content. How? The Dynamic Content add-on for Elementor includes 58 widgets, 20 extensions, 4 page settings and more. With these new features you can add a sticky header, interactive cursor tracker, eye catching animated site text, form steps (for Elementor Pro forms), print to pdf buttons and even new page scroll effects (including snap to section and inertia scroll). These are great ways to create an interactive site that converts. But that’s just a tiny bit of what Dynamic Content for Elementor can do!

There are tons of new design options (like parallax, tilt and customizable transformations), SVG shapes, a speedy template system for custom post types (create and store your own templates), integration with ACF (plus custom options for fields, ACF galleries and sliders, repeater fields, maps and relationships), cross-site copy & paste, dynamic visibility and more. But there are even MORE widgets in the works! The devs are hard at work on PayPal integration, form signatures, an off canvas menu and other unique options.

6. Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

If you talk about any third party addons after Elementor Pro, then you need to check the Essential Addons for Elementor first. It has recently achieved the milestone of being the first Elementor Addon to reach 100K+ active installations. Besides, Essential Addons has the highest number of active users among all the third-party extensions in the market as well.

Essential Addons offer both free & premium version which you can use to design attractive websites with ease. From the Free version, you will be able to use 30+ outstanding elements such as Form Stylers, Post, Social Media and many more. It fulfills all the basic needs the users so that you can pull of an amazing looking site.

Aside from this, Essential Addons for Elementor is very light-weight & doesn’t slow down your site because of its ‘Modular Control’ capability to enable or disable any elements at any time.

To get your hands on more advanced & extraordinary features, you can also try out Essential Addons Pro. The great thing is you will get access to overall 59+ fantastic elements with this plugin. You will be able to show off your creativity and make your website jaw-dropping with its premium widgets such as Off-Canvas, Lightbox & Modal, advanced Post & Gallery widgets, Parallax effects, Form Stylers and many others.

Moreover, the Premium version of Essential Addons offers 100+ Ready Blocks. You can easily import these templates on your pages and start customizing & get your desired result in an instant.

7. Crocoblock – JetPlugins Elementor Extension

Crocoblock Elementor Extension

Crocoblock contains all the JetPlugins as a package and offers a great collection of pre-made templates. Besides, Crocoblock bundle lets you add top quality designs to your website. You can personalize your site with its elements such as Post, WooCommerce, Popup & more.

However, since Crocoblock includes JetWidgets as separate plugins you may want to give it a try on a localhost first. The more plugin you use the greater chance there is for conflicts – so just be sure sure to check before installing on your live site.

8. JetElements Addon for Elementor

JetElements Addon for Elementor

JetElements is a premium plugin which comes with 40+ fantastic elements. It gives you the flexibility to easily use all the elements with customization options on your website.

You can design amazing blog and image layouts by using its high-quality Post & Gallery elements. Besides, JetElements offers a nice collection of pre-made templates. You can instantly use them on your sites to get a top-notch layout on your website.

9. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is another highly rated Elementor extension that you can’t miss out. It provides 21+ widgets which comes with advanced & unique features.

You can use its Modular Control to keep your site fast. On top of that, Ultimate Addons offers the WooCommerce & Post widgets to nicely display all your products/contents on your website.

Despite its impressive widgets, the amount of widgets Ultimate Addons is offering is pretty limited. Since it doesn’t have any free version for you to try out, you need to purchase the premium version to get the live experience.

10. JetBlocks Addon for Elementor

JetBlocks Addon for Elementor

JetBlocks is very narrow and specific. This bundle includes elements that will help you build beautiful Headers and Footers.

You may ask what is the need for a dedicated addon that includes elements for beautifying the Header and Footer? Well, the need arises from the fact that every Business Website serves very specific customers and belongs to certain niche markets.

But then again as a Business, concerned about your Online Presence, you should ask yourself this question, should I buy an addon that has very narrow usability or buys an addon that combines different types of elements thus giving me the flexibility to use it for different purposes which may seem insignificant now?

11. Element Pack

Element Pack for Elementor

Elementor Pack is another cool addon library for Elementor, there are enough elements in the pack for building amazing top-notch elements. It has a beautiful collection of both top-notch and most commonly used widgets for Website Building. Although the collection of elements gives this addon a fair edge, its downside is it does not have a Free Version.

12. Elementor PowerPack

Elementor PowerPack

PowerPack contains a bunch of Creative elements. There are a total of 42 elements in this bundle which is very moderate compared to what other bundles are offering. However, PowerPack for Elementor bundle also does not have a Free version which could be a big turn down if you are looking for free options.

13. JetTricks Addon for Elementor

JetTricks Addon for Elementor

The name JetTricks gives fair hints to what this bundle includes. JetTricks got some elements that are eye-catching and will appeal to your readers.

Here is what you should be asking yourself, can only animations increase your traffic? If yes, then are you interested to buy an addon that only includes such elements or go for the ones that are versatile and contains elements for each and every one of your needs? If animation is more important for you, then you can decide to go with this addon. However, it also does not have a Free Version.

14. Envato Elements Free Template Kits

Envato Elements Free Template Kits

Envato Elements includes several Template Kits. A Template Kit is a collection of beautiful templates specially designed to help you create a website for a specific niche industry, with the help of a page builder, which in this case is Elementor.

Although this addon doesn’t yet have dedicated elements for Gutenberg, the team behind this addon is working on it.

15. All in One Widgets for Elementor

All in One Widgets for Elementor

All In One Widgets helps you to add Expand Grid, Image Hotspot with Tooltip, Flip Box, Card Slider, Before & After, iHover, Timeline, Float Block etc in Elementor Page Builder. In total there are Eight Elements in the bundle. The team working behind this addon is hopeful that they will be adding more widgets to the bundle in the future. Unfortunately, there is no free version to this addon.

16. Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor

Created by the well known weDevs teams, the Happy Addons plugin is a solid option to enhance your page building experience. Packed with 35+ Elementor widgets this add-on really does add to your Elementor options. Use the card, gradient heading, info and icon boxes, image compare, reviews, skill bars, testimonials, carousels, step flow diagram, social links and more to create custom pages. Plus more widgets are added regularly!

17. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Unlimited Elements for Elementor

The Unlimited Elements for Elementor plugin really does feel limitless. With this plugin installed you’ll have 100+ bonus widgets to use with Elementor, and with them you can build just about anything. These include widgets for menus, hero sections, flip boxes, socials, pricing, icon and content boxes, posts, buttons, maps and so much more. Unlimited Elements even includes a widget creator – so you truly have unlimited options.

18. ElementsKit Addons Lite

Elements Kit Addons

ElementsKit Lite offers 55+ custom widgets and 500+ ready to use page sections that are perfect ways to design a unique site. This includes widgets for headings, buttons, tabs, social media, logos, facts, accordions, CTAs, lists, business hours and more. But ElementsKit even includes special builders for mega menus, headers and footers so you can design your site however you want from top to bottom.

19. OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor

OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor

This isn’t just your average bundle of widgets. When you install the OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor you’re actually adding a complete package of addons. The plugin includes addons for CSS writing mode, column controls, video & widget svg masks, overlays, improved buttons, comment styling and more.

20. Sina Extension for Elementor

Sina Extension for Elementor

The Sina Extension is another great option that offers 40 new Elementor widgets and 100+ ready to use blocks and pages. This includes features for carousels, maps, charts, teams, tables, counters and more.But a huge advantage of Sina is that it’s fully translated into six languages, and includes translation files for an additional 16 regions.

21. Starter Templates

Starter Templates

Looking for a quick way to build a website with Elementor? But not ready to invest in Elementor Pro for access to the template library? This set of Starter Templates offers 280+ ready to use template built with Elementor, Gutenberg and a few other free page builders. And with this plugin you have the added option to either import an entire demo or just select pages.

Wrapping up the Best Elementor Addons

So, have you decided which addon you are going to use for your next project? Don’t feel bad if you are still confused about which one to pick. Of course, you are dedicated to your work that’s why you are reading this blog, all with the purpose of finding the ideal Elementor addon for your needs. But remember there are a handful of great addons for Elementor out there. So, which one should you pick?

Here is a quick trick for you. In today’s world, everything is consumer-centric. And this is true for WordPress plugins as well. Every customer has the option of posting a review and rating. If an Elementor addon is not great, it’s reviews and ratings will speak for itself. On the other hand, the number of active users shows the credibility of the product too. In that case, Essential Addons for Elementor is the top of the leaderboard.

However, that’s only one point of view. Do share with us from which other perspectives you will weigh Elementor Addons against each other before making a purchase.

Article by Kyla WPExplorer.com staff
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  1. Shubham Garg

    Hi, wpexplorer

    I am Shubham from IdeaBox, the creators of PowerPack for Elementor. Just wanted to thank you for mentioning PowerPack in your blog post. We really appreciate it.

    Keep Sharing knowledge.


    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      It’s a great addon people should know about!

  2. andrewmckim

    Nice list. I’ve tried most of them. But I miss the “Sina Extension for ELementor” in your list. This is by far the best free Elementor add-on

  3. Michael Harmell

    I would call this a really awesome list of Elementor addons. I noticed many more addons in recent days and Modern Addons for Elementor is one of my favorite these days. I really love unique yet free addons compared to premium ones.

  4. Gobinda

    Nicely crafted content… Appreciate that. Please do this type of work on a regular basis. If you manage time you can add HappyAddons for Elementor to this list. It’s also featured on Elementor Addons Page.

  5. Julia Minnie

    Hello Kyla! Thanks a lot for the useful collection. I was using some of the addon collections but only the ones offering at least a few widgets for free. If you are just an Elementor beginner who wants to test various Elementor features (without switching to Pro), I would advise searching for the newly-released addons, as they typically offer multiple advanced solutions. I found Stratum that currently offers 17 free widgets. My favorite ones are Advanced Posts, Advanced Google Maps, Instagram Feed, and Masonry Gallery.

  6. sandip

    Hi Kyla,
    Thanks for sharing these elementor addons. I mainly use essential addons for elementor plugin but I will also try some other addons from this list.

  7. Maria Diggs

    Thanks for this article. You have shown some excellent addons in this article. All the addons are perfect. But specifically, JetTricks Addon for Elementor, Essential Addons for Elementor, Elementor Pro are very much liked by me.

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